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What steps can I take to Protect my iPhone?

Though iPhones are considered secure by most security researchers, users should still be aware of security risks such as data theft from a lost mobile, a mobile phone getting hacked or a virus infecting your device

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What is the best way to manage my passwords?

Creating strong passwords and securing them is crucial to protect your personal information and online accounts from cyber threats. Here are some best practices for creating and securing passwords

What steps can I take to Protect my Aadhaar card?

Protecting your Aadhaar card details is critical in protecting your identity. Here is a guide to Protecting your Aadhar card details

How to report a suspicious transaction on your account?

If you suspect that a transaction on your Bank account was not made by you, you should immediately report it to the bank. This is important to prevent further unauthorized transactions and to ensure the security of your account. Here are steps to report an unauthorised transaction on your account


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