Parental controls for Windows devices

This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. Follow these instructions to setup parental controls for your windows PC or laptop Login to your Microsoft live account using the link below: 2. Click on manage family under family section, Select the member for whom you wish to configure […]

Secure Your Laptop

Secure Your PC using these steps… We store a lot of our critical information such as photos, documents related to savings, insurance etc. on our personal computers. Securing your PC is an important aspect of securing your personal information Step1: Take this simple quiz Take the laptop security quiz to identify gaps in your security. […]

Windows Privacy Settings

Managing privacy settings is one of the first things you need to do after you buy your new Windows PC. Windows uses your personal information to improve its services. As owner of your personal information you need to know the information you are sharing with Microsoft. It is important to note that configuring your privacy […]

Secure your PC with Windows updates

Windows releases updates to its operating system and security updates to introduce new features, fix bugs or address security loopholes. It is very important to install security updates as soon as they are released as they are important to keep your PC and your information safe. With Windows 10, the operating frequently checks for updates […]

Backup information on your PC

Objective To identify data that you want to backup Select a tool that meets your requirement Your backup requirements: We collect a lot of data over a period of time, most of it may not be useful. You need to identify: Data that you need immediately if your PC were to crash Data that you […]

Encrypt information on your PC

After setting up a good password and installing an anti-virus product, encrypting your information adds an additional layer of security. While encrypting data provides additional security, it takes up more space and comes at a cost for Windows Home users. Hence it is important to assess the need for such a high level of security. […]

Antivirus for Windows

Difficulty level: Moderate, Time taken to complete: 20-30 mins. Approx., involves installing software Objective: Identify your security requirements Select an Anti-virus product that meets your requirements The word “Malware” refers to different kinds of malicious software such as Viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware. These malware programs, once admitted to the system, can damage, alter and […]

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