Best Free Antivirus for Android Mobiles

98% of Mobile Malware targets Android Devices:

Malware threat for android mobile phones is real. As per Purplesec’s cybersecurity statistics for 2021 Android devices and users made up 98% of all mobile malware targets.

Sources of Malware:

  • Malware can be introduced into your mobile phone using e-mails or SMS. Hackers send malicious links in e-mails or SMS which when clicked download malware onto your device.
  • Malware can also be introduced in the form of apps. Make sure you don’t install apps directly from third-party websites or from apk files. 99% of all malware is hosted on third-party app stores

Always install from Google Play store:

Always install apps from Google play store as apps installed from third-party playstores may contrain malware.

Install an anti-malware app to protect your mobile from malware

Compare and choose your free android antivirus product from the list below. Most of the android virus products offer free malware protection and some even offer free anti-theft feature.

We found Avira to be the best as it offers additional features such as free VPN, we recommend AVG free antivirus if you are looking for a purely antivirus product. We have ruled out Macafee as we found it slow on our test devices.

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