Secure your passwords

One of the key aspects of securing your information is securing your passwords and it also happens to be the most challenging one. Passwords are critical to secure your internet banking accounts or the social networking accounts.

Password management consists of two important aspects – Creating a strong password and following good password practices

InfoSecyour Mobile Security and Online privacy android security app provides you an easy and secure way to save your passwords offline i.e. only on your mobile phone. Your passwords are only accessible to you after you enter your screen lock password or your fingerprint. Passwords are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. Know more about our MSecyour Password vault feature


Create a strong password

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  1. Should be at least 8 characters long
  2. Shouldn’t contain your name or name of a person known to you
  3. Add numbers and special characters to make it difficult for someone to guess your password
  4. Using passphrases to remember passwords – e.g. For a phrase such as: mystrongpassword – my$tr0ngp@$w0rd


Follow good password practices

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  1. Refrain from using the same password across several social accounts. Same passwords make breaking into several accounts easier as a previously cracked password is the first choice of hackers to try for the new accounts.
    • A dump of 2.2 e-mail address and password combinations have been found on the dark web. This data can be used to login to your account
  2. Set up security answers 
    • Select questions for which the answers are not available on your social networking profiles or none of your close friends know
    • You may pretend to be someone else while answering the questions and remember who you are pretending to be
    • Set up security answers which do not match with the security question. For instance, for a question which asks “maiden name of mother?” put your favourite colour as the answer
  3. Change your passwords at least once in 6 months.


Use password manager

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Remembering multiple complex passwords can be a hassle, so a lot of users opt for password managers such as Lastpass and many others. Password managers help you create secure passwords and help you save them online.

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