Key Benefits

As a privacy and security-focused company, we strive to give you the best security features. Below are some of the benefits that go just beyond securing your data.

Know more about the features

1. Root checker

Protect your mobile phone from unauthorised access

2. Apk detector

Protect your mobile phone from untrusted third-party apps

3. App install alerts

Determine risk before even opening the app for the first time

4. App risk manager

Protect your privacy from apps misusing permissions

5. Camera & Mic monitoring

Detect apps accessing your camera & microphone in the background

6. Online privacy

Manage your privacy settings for major social networking accounts

7. Device scan

Harden your device by managing access, encryption and software updates

8. Social media security

Identify all devices and open sessions where your social media accounts are logged-in

9. Offline password manager

Encrypt and store passwords on your own device and access them easily

Smart Notification

Get alerts whenever a threat is detected

You talk about going to a vacation and you see apps and websites show you ads with deals to your vacation? Your apps could be accessing your camera or microphone without your knowledge. Receive alerts whenever an app accesses your camera or Microphone.

Protect your online privacy

Secure your social media accounts

We all want to stay connected and like to share our opinions. Do you know how your information is being used by your social media websites? This feature brings the top privacy and security settings for all major social media platforms.

Secure your passwords

Offline password manager

Do you feel uncomfortable storing passwords on a cloud-based password manager? Our offline password manager allows you to save your passwords safely on your mobile phone without backing up to any backend server.


You may also enable auto-fill service to access your passwords directly when logging into your apps without opening the InfoSecyour Mobile security & Privacy manager app.

One app for all your security needs

Protect data on your mobile phone and your social media accounts with one app

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