Parental Controls App for Android

This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. Parental controls for android devices can be applied using the Family Link app – a free app provided by Google Inc.

You need to install two versions of this app:

  1. The parent version allows parents to monitor or control child’s online behavior.
  2. The child version of the app connects the child device to the parent device

Since Android phones don’t allow you to create multiple user profiles on the device, you will need two devices. One for the parent with the parent version and the other for the child to host the child version of the apps respectively.

Pre-requisites: You will need to create a Gmail account for your child.

  1. Install the Google Family Link app for parents on your device.
  2. Install the Google Family Link app for children and teenagers on your child’s device
  3. On the parent device, tap on add child option and follow the instructions
create acct
android code
parental settings

Add new user on Android Tablet

If you have an Android tablet, you may create a parent profile and a child profile on the tab and install the two versions of the app on each profile respectively. To create a new user on your tab, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the settings app and tap on accounts and backup option. (You may also search for add user in the search box of your settings)
  2. Tap on add user. You will see two options – add user or add restricted user profile. Click on add user
  3. Once the user is created, you will see an option to setup user. This will open the new user account and the tab will start the user setup process

Additional information:

  1. Remove YouTube if your kids are under 13 and install YouTube kids
  2. You may remove apps that you dont want your kids to access without your consent. e.g. you may disable camera, messaging apps etc.


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