Security Tips for Android Users

1. Android Mobile Security Threats

Spy Apps
  • Spy apps can be installed on your device without your knowledge by someone or through a malicious app installed by you.
  • Spy apps gather information such as Call history, messages, browsing history, location, and more and upload them to a remote server from where a hacker can access your data. Below is one such instance:

Kerala man held for ‘monitoring’ with mobile app | India News – The Indian Express

Malicious apps used to defraud victims
  • Malicious apps can be used to steal your contacts, photos and other sensitive personal information. Read how loan apps steal data to harass their victims

Chinese Loan Apps Steal Data To Hack Into Bank Accounts…. (

  • Read how a combination of social engineering and malicious apps can be used to steal your hard-earned money.

Mumbai woman loses Rs 7 lakh after activating credit card on her new Android phone, check details – India Today

Stolen phone used to blackmail victim

Stolen phones can be used to steal personal information if adequate security measures such as screen lock, encryption etc. are not in place

Delhi: Man hacks stolen phone, blackmails women; held | Delhi News – Times of India (

2. Recommended Security Apps

InfoSecyour Mobile Security App

Install the InfoSecyour Mobile Security App to protect your Mobile phone from 5 security risks. 

  1. Manage permissions for risky apps using our proprietary algorithm
  2. Detect Unauthorized apps installed from third-party app stores
  3. Root checker
  4. Performs Hygiene checks such as screen locks, encryption, missing updates etc.
Free Antivirus App

Compare and choose your free android antivirus product from the list below.

Most of the android virus products offer free malware protection and some even offer free anti-theft feature.

We found Avira to be the best as it offers additional features such as free VPN

We recommend AVG free antivirus if you are looking for a purely antivirus product.

We have ruled out Macafee as we found it slow on our test devices.

Google Find My Device App

This app will help you remotely find, lock, or erase it if you lose your mobile phone.

1. Go to Google find my device app on playstore and download the app

2. Add a Google account to your phone 

3. Turn on location tracking from the settings

4. Turn on Find My device

5. Check if your device is visible on Google Play

Family Link is a free parental control app from Google to monitor and control your child’s android device.

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3. Tips to Secure Your Mobile Phone

Follow these tips to manually secure your phone

If you have not installed any of the apps above, you can follow these steps to manually secure your mobile phone.

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Follow these steps if you lost your Mobile phone

If you have installed Google Find my Device app, you can sign in to your google account to track, lock and erase your phone remotely.

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Follow these steps if you are planning to sell your old Android Phone

Your android phone consists of your personal information, it is important to remove your data before selling it off.

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