Tips on saving card details

Your credit and debit card details are the access points to the money in your bank accounts or your credit card. If someone gains access to these details, they can end up depleting your entire savings in a fraction of a second thus, it is imperative to take good care while saving your card details on payment vendor and e-commerce websites.

 Here are few tips to help you evade the dangers of the cyber world:

1. Refrain from Saving Card Details:

 The best option is to never save card details with any payment vendor or website. This way, an individual can opt for maximized security. However, people tend to operate several cards and it often becomes difficult to input the details every time a transaction needs to be processed.

2. Save only on trusted payment vendor sites:

 When it becomes somewhat necessary to save your card details, save them only with the most trusted Payment Service Providers (PSPs). The quality of PSPs can be validated based on the certificate on their websites. Reputed PSPs are known for using encryption and tokenization techniques to secure their customer’s data. Even if a potential hacker gets hold of the tokens or encrypted files, he/she will be unable to make any sense out of them since, without the key program, they are essentially random characters.

 3. Check for the ‘s’ in https:

 A most common, yet most successful hacking technique is duplication of authentic websites in order to fool vulnerable users. Whenever you enter your valuable data into any website, check repeatedly if the website is secure and certified. Do not go by the logo or design of the websites and instead, rely on more robust details like the site link and certifications.

 Have a safe banking experience!

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