Use VPN to secure your data!

Are you a business traveler who needs to stay connected on the go so you connect to public WiFi networks at airports, coffee shops etc. ? Are you concerned about your online privacy? Then you need VPN to secure your information.

Why should you use VPN?

When you access information over the internet it passes through a public network. A hacker may be able to eavesdrop on your internet activity if it is not adequately protected. VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to send and receive data safely as your data is encrypted throughout the session. Encryption scrambles your data when it’s sent over a Wi-Fi network thus making it unreadable for anyone trying to eavesdrop. VPN is especially beneficial when using a public WiFi network or when accessing critical information over the internet.

Privacy: Another important feature of VPN is anonymity as your connecting point to internet is the VPN server. When you access a website using VPN, the website thinks your traffic originated from the VPN server. This masks the identity of your PC or mobile thus protecting your identity on the internet.

Security: Though banking websites are protected using SSL, using VPN over a public WiFi network allows you to keep your credentials safe.

Bandwidth Compression: VPN compresses all traffic on the server before sending it to the server. This gives you more access to your data.

Another unintended use of VPN is it allows you browse websites such as torrents that are blocked by your ISPs or access information that is not available for your geography. 

VPN services such as Express VPN, Nord VPN etc. can protect you from snoopers. These services will easily help you in securing your data from unintended people. There are a lot of providers who provide VPN service for free it is recommended to exercise caution before using one as they may in turn steal your data. Antivirus products such as Norton also provide VPN as a part of their cross-platform services for ease of access.

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