Parental controls for Windows devices

This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. Follow these instructions to setup parental controls for your windows PC or laptop

  1. Login to your Microsoft live account using the link below:

2. Click on manage family under family section, Select the member for whom you wish to configure parental controls

3. You can configure screen time, apps and game limits and content and many others.

Below are instructions to configure content limits

Add a User or family member

It is recommended to create a separate user profile for your child on your Windows computer  to protect your information.

Prerequisite: Create a free outlook e-mail account for your child. This will be required to add the family member to your PC.

  1. Tap the windows key on your PC and type user. Open the add/edit user settings

2. Click on add family member

3. Add e-mail address created for your child and click on next

4. An e-mail will be sent to your child’s e-mail account and the child needs to accept the invite on e-mail for the user account to be active.

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