This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. iOS devices don’t allow you to create multiple user profiles hence it is recommended to provide a separate device to your children so that they don’t delete or expose your information inadvertently

As a work around, if there is no critical data on your device, you may configure parental controls on your device and share the device with your child.

Applying parental controls and securing your information involves the three following steps:

  1. Create a child apple ID on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Setup the child account on your child’s device. (This is similar to setting up your new phone, hence we are not covering this step in this post.)
  3. Configure parental controls for your child’s phone


  1. Open the settings app and open your Apple ID
  2. Click on Family sharing
  3. Add family member, select create a child account
  4. Enter the details such as birthday of your child, confirm your payment details etc.


  1. Open the settings app and tap on Screen time

2. Tap on “Turn on Screen Time”, follow the steps to setup down time, content restrictions etc. You may setup a PIN for screen time – this will be required to change or remove the parental controls settings on the device

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