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Parental Controls for Windows/Android/Apple devices

Virtual classrooms have become a necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While virtual classrooms introduce unique challenges in student-teacher engagement, lack of contact with peer group etc. they also expose children to cyber security related risks, addiction to devices. It may be impossible for the parents to constantly track their children as they have to manage their professional commitments and household chores. INFOSECYOUR introduces you to some of the technical solutions available in the market to address the cybersecurity related risks.

Risks due to exposure to internet and devices:

  1. Internet access may provide exposure to content that is not suitable for kids on the internet
  2. Installing malicious apps may lead to data theft or breach of parents’ key information
  3. Lack of control on screen time may lead to strain or fatigue.
  4. Children may inadvertently delete private information related to their parents

Benefits of creating a child account and setting up parental controls

Allow a child to learn and explore on the internet in the right way by:
  1. Controlling apps that can be installed/accessed
  2. Controlling content that can/cannot be viewed by a child
  3. Encouraging healthy habits e.g. physical exercise by restricting screen time
  4. Avoid data loss or exposure by separating the child and parent accounts


While all devices allow parental controls, only the following devices allow you to create a separate user profile on the device
  1. Windows 10 (or older versions) laptops or PCs.
  2. Android tablet phones
  3. MacBook
iOS devices and Android phones do not allow you to create additional user profiles on your devices.
  1. For parental controls on Android see Parental controls for Android post for more details
  2. For iOS devices see Parental controls for iOS post for more details
  3. For Windows devices you are required to create a child account and then configure parental controls. See the Create child account in Windows and Parental controls for Windows devices for more details
  4. For Mac Book, see Parental Controls for MacOS for more details
Note: Adding a user profile should not be confused with adding an e-mail account. Adding an additional e-mail account on your mobile phone will not restrict access to the parent information on the device.