Screen lock is the first step in securing your information stored on the phone and can go a long way in safeguarding your information in case you lost your phone or save you from embarrassment if it were to fall in wrong hands

While there are multiple options for a screen lock (See additional guidance below), it is recommended to use bio-metrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition for their ease of use and level of security they provide. It also recommended to setup a strong PIN or password to complement your biometrics.

If you are visiting this post from the INFOSECYOUR Mobile app, go to Step 2. Go to step 1 if you visiting this page directly from the website.

Step 1: Open the INFOSECYOUR Mobile Security and Password Manager Android app on your Mobile phone and click on Tasks tab. If you have not installed already, Click here now to get it for free!

Step2 : No action needed if screen lock is already enabled as shown below. If not enabled, click on the settings image on the right corner

This will open the screenlock settings page from where you can choose the right option for you.

You will find additional guidance for setting up Screen lock below

A. Setting up a PIN number to access your mobile phone:
It is recommended to set a PIN that is at least 6 digits long, this way an unauthorized user will have to choose among 1 Million possible combinations to break into your phone.

B. Setting up patterns to access your mobile phones:
With a 9 dots grid, there are only 390 possible patterns and patterns are easy to hack visually and often leave marks on the screen due to consistent drags, hence this is the least recommended technique to secure your phone. 

C. Passwords
Passwords provide the strongest security of all options and the least convenient one. If you have critical information on my mobile phone, it is recommended to setup at least a 6 character or an 8 character long password with alphanumeric, numeric and special character combination is hard to break into.

D. Finger prints:
Finger prints are a very convenient way to access your phone, however your fingerprint can be used to gain access when you are unconscious or when you are asleep or by force, hence the security is rated as moderate.


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