Operating systems such as Android, Windows often release updates to their software to address bugs or security loopholes in their software. Not updating your operating system makes it vulnerable to apps or hackers that try to steal your information. Hence it is extremely important for you to keep your phone updated.

If you are visiting this post from the INFOSECYOUR Mobile app, go to Step 2. Go to step 1 if you visiting this page directly from the website.

Step 1: Open the INFOSECYOUR Mobile Security and Password Manager Android app on your Mobile phone and Click on Tasks tab. If you have not installed already, Click here now to get it for free!

Home Screen of INFOSECYOUR app

Step 2: This screen shows whether your phone is running on the latest version of android. Click on the settings button on the right hand corner to check if any security updates are pending.

Step3: This screen will show if any security updates are available. Tap on the security update option to install the update

Note: Android handset manufacturers release software updates or Android updates at different times for each of their models. Hence all Android users may not be on the same version of OS

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