How to survive a data breach?

This guide gives you a high-level idea of how to respond to a data breach. Though we tried to cover the information in detail, the nature of the data breach and the procedures followed in different countries may differ.


Check if your information was part of a breach.

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You may receive communication from your service provider from whom the data got breached, or You may use services such as to know which details were breached.

Typically, data involved in data breaches are phone numbers, contact e-mail addresses, bank account details, physical addresses, health information or credit information.


Check if the breach impacted your data/finances in any way.

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Please check your bank accounts to see if any fraudulent activity was done based on breached information, and contact your bank.

You can check your e-mail account or phone for notifications about any suspicious transactions. e.g. insurance claims or bank transfers to unknown accounts etc.


Change passwords of your online accounts

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Change the passwords of your accounts that were involved in the breach. Additionally, change the passwords of all accounts where you used the same password.

Changing your passwords frequently is a good practice as it protects your data from being misused before the breach data is made public. In addition, you can use a password manager to ensure you use strong passwords and avoid reusing passwords.


Ask for a re-issue of your card or change your banking credentials

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Change your card details if your card number and CVV were part of the breach. Your card details may be used in another country to make transactions, making it easier to recover your money.


Beware of spammers or fraudsters trying to steal your data

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Beware, you may be approached by spam callers or online fraudsters who may trick you into revealing more information based on the data available from the breach.