How to Report Cybercrime in India


Collect Evidence

Gather all the necessary evidence related to the cybercrime. This includes:

  • Emails, screenshots, chat logs, or any digital evidence.
  • URLs, IP addresses, and any information about the incident.
  • Bank statements or transaction details if financial fraud is involved.

Online Reporting

The Indian government has provided an online platform to report cybercrimes:

  1. National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal: Visit the official portal
  2. Filing a Complaint:
      •  Click on “Report Other Cyber Crime” or “Report Women/Child Related Crime” based on the nature of the crime.
      •  Register or log in to the portal.
      •  Fill in the required details and upload the evidence.

Local Police Station

If you prefer to report the cybercrime in person:

  • Visit the Nearest Police Station: Go to the nearest police station with all the collected evidence.
  • File an FIR: Request to file a First Information Report (FIR) for the cybercrime.
  • Cyber Crime Cells: Many cities have dedicated Cyber Crime Cells. If available, it’s better to visit these specialized units for handling cybercrimes.


The Ministry of Home Affairs has also set up a dedicated helpline for reporting cybercrimes:

Cyber Crime Helpline Number: 155260

Reporting to Specific Agencies (Optional)

Depending on the type of cybercrime, you might also consider reporting to specific agencies:

  • Financial Fraud: Contact your bank immediately and report the incident. You can also report financial frauds to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Data Theft/Corporate Espionage: Report to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) via their website

Legal Advice

Consider seeking legal advice, especially if the cybercrime involves significant financial loss or sensitive personal information.

 Key Points to Remember:

  • Always keep a copy of the complaint and the acknowledgment receipt.
  • Follow up with the authorities if there is no response within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Stay cautious of further interactions that could be part of phishing or scam attempts.

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