How to Protect Your Personal Information Online?

Protecting your personal information online is essential to prevent identity theft, fraud, and other cybersecurity risks. 

1. Follow these tips to Fortify your digital life

Use Strong Passwords
  • Securing passwords is a key aspect of securing your online safety. 
  • Enable two-factor authentication for critical accounts
  • Use password managers to safeguard your online accounts

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Safeguard your devices from malware and hackers

Install antivirus for your devices

Follow security practices such as strong screen locks, biometrics etc. to secure your devices

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Keep your kids safe online

Use measures such as parental controls, helping them manage their privacy etc.

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Secure your browser

Securing your browser is essential to protecting your online privacy and security

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Secure your Wi-Fi router

A Vulnerable Wi-Fi router may allow a hacker to intercept the data you browse.

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Beware of cybercrime techniques

Keep your updated with latest cybercrime trends and ways to protect yourself

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Follow safe banking practices

Creating strong passwords, identifying phishing sites and knowing about the security features offered by your bank will help you in securing your online bank accounts

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Manage your online privacy

Follow these steps to safeguard your online privacy

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Safeguard your IOT devices

IOT devices may be used to spy on you if they are not configured properly

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