How to encrypt android phone?

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Encryption is a technique that helps in securing your information. When your information is encrypted it is scrambled using an algorithm so that only you can access it with a valid a key.

Encrypting your mobile phone provides you additional security in case you lost your mobile phone or when you give your Mobile phone for repair at service center. In either case encryption stops the unauthorized user from recovering your data without a Screen lock

Android phones which are shipped with version 6.0 and above have encryption enabled by default. However we would recommend you to check if this feature has been disabled on your phone for any reason and then enable it.


Check if your phone is encrypted or not

Open the INFOSECYOUR Mobile Security and Online privacy Android app on your Mobile phone and click Device scan icon on home screen.


Enable encryption for your android mobile

If not encrypted, open the settings app and search for encrypt phone setting. Enable encryption to protect data on your phone

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