D-I-Y Security Solution for Professionals

Best suited for home users, with android mobiles and Windows PCs and laptops

Approx cost: Free

Time taken: 20 mins (for installation)

Difficulty: Moderate

How to proceed?

  1. Compare and select a free antivirus for Windows from the posts below
  2. Install the free Antivirus of your choice on your device
  3. Install InfoSecyour mobile security & online privacy app to access security tools such as Root checker and to identify malicious apk files
    1. If you are buying a refurbished mobile phone or buying a phone from an unknown friend, check if the mobile phone is rooted. Rooted mobile phones allow your mobile phone to be controlled remotely
    2. Spying apps are often rejected by app stores and  hence are often injected into your device as an apk file. Scan your mobile phone for apks to find and uninstall any malicious files
  4. Follow tips for securing your online presence


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