D-I-Y Security Solution for Professionals

Best suited for professionals with android mobiles and Windows PCs and laptops

Approx cost: INR 2000/year

Time taken: 20 mins (for installation)

Difficulty: Moderate

Follow the steps below to secure your personal information. This solution is intended to provide you a basic security cover to protect your personal information and your online privacy. For more advanced needs you may refer to D-I-Y ideas for specific areas in the blog section


Install Antivirus on your Windows PC or laptop

laptop, computer, macbook

As a professional you are often interact with different businesses and malware may be introduced into your laptop in the form of e-mails or files shared by others. Our recommendation is Bitdefender antivirus as it is light and provides effective malware protection and online protection. Here’s our comparison of top antivirus products so that you can choose the best product that meets your needs


Install free Antivirus on your Android mobile phone

As a professional you have valuable information on your mobile phone. Our recommendation is free AVG antivirus as it is light and provides good malware protection. Here’s our comparison of top free antivirus products so that you can choose the best product that meets your needs


Check backdoors using InfoSecyour free mobile security and online privacy app

Install InfoSecyour free mobile security & online privacy app to access security tools such as Root checker and to identify malicious apk files

    1. If you are buying a refurbished mobile phone or buying a phone from an unknown friend, check if the mobile phone is rooted. Rooted mobile phones allow your mobile phone to be controlled remotely
    2. Spying apps are often rejected by app stores and  hence are often injected into your device as an apk file. Scan your mobile phone for apks to find and uninstall any malicious file


Protect your online privacy

Data breaches from Social media accounted for over 56% of the 4.5 billion data records compromised worldwide in the first half of 2018. This increases our risk of Identity theft. Here are the top tips to secure your presence online


Buy a VPN product to secure your business information when working from home or accessing information from a public wi-fi hotspot. Our recommendation is Nord VPN, click here to know more about various VPN products


Backup your data to Google drive

phone security

Backup your project data or assignments to Google drive so that you never miss your submissions due to crashed computer. Here’s your guide to data backup for Windows devices



Good password management


No matter how much we hate passwords, they are here to stay as a way to establish our identity. Creating strong passwords, storing passwords in a safe manner becomes critical. InfoSecyour offers you an offline password manager along with the InfoSecyour Mobile security and online privacy app. You may also refer to our guide on password managers for more information

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