Parental controls for Mac Book

This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. This post provides instructions to create a separate user profile for your child on your Mac Book and to configure parental controls. Create child account Open finder and type “Users and Groups” Click on the “+” sign to add a new […]

Parental Controls for iOS devices

This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. iOS devices don’t allow you to create multiple user profiles hence it is recommended to provide a separate device to your children so that they don’t delete or expose your information inadvertently As a work around, if there is no critical […]

Parental controls for Windows devices

This post is a part of a series related to Parental controls for devices. Follow these instructions to setup parental controls for your windows PC or laptop Login to your Microsoft live account using the link below: 2. Click on manage family under family section, Select the member for whom you wish to configure […]

Parental Controls for devices

Parental Controls for Windows/Android/Apple devices Virtual classrooms have become a necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While virtual classrooms introduce unique challenges in student-teacher engagement, lack of contact with peer group etc. they also expose children to cyber security related risks, addiction to devices. It may be impossible for the parents to constantly track their […]

MSecyour Password Vault

Password feature on your MSecyour Mobile App If you think remembering multiple passwords is a nuisance, we heard you. While technology is progressing towards a password less security system, there is still some way to before we do away with passwords completely. Until then you may have to deal with remembering passwords in your day […]

Safe Social Networking

secure your internet presence Step 1: Watch the social networking and internet banking awareness videos Step 2: Take the Internet presence awareness quiz Our internet awareness quiz provides you insights into your security requirements and also provides information on how to manage the gaps TAKE OUR INTERNET SECURITY QUIZ Step 3: Download and Install […]

Secure Your Wi-fi router

A poorly configured WiFi router can pose a risk to your data or still worse implicate you in cyber crime as anyone with access to your WiFi network can potentially commit cyber crime from your network to implicate you in the crime. To secure your WiFi router it is extremely important to change your default […]

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