Tips for posting on Social media

Secure Your presence on Social media Data breaches from Social media accounted for over 56% of the 4.5 billion data records compromised worldwide in the first half of 2018. This increases our risk of Identity theft.Some of the examples of identity theft are: Credit cards or bank accounts are opened on your name leading to […]

Tips to avoid malicious links

Online banking or net banking provides a lot of ease to customers in terms of speed and flexibility. However, online portals are littered with potential hackers who are on the hunt for the slightest slack from the users end in order to steal data for corrupt practices. It is a common practice to generate illusory […]

Tips on saving card details

Your credit and debit card details are the access points to the money in your bank accounts or your credit card. If someone gains access to these details, they can end up depleting your entire savings in a fraction of a second thus, it is imperative to take good care while saving your card details […]

Secure your mobile from Malware

Malware is not just a threat for PCs, but also a major risk factor for phones and other mobile devices. Today, most of the active browsing occurs through phones as they provide the easiest access around the clock. This opens the gateway for infliction of different types of malware like viruses and adware due to […]

Backup information on your PC

Objective To identify data that you want to backup Select a tool that meets your requirement Your backup requirements: We collect a lot of data over a period of time, most of it may not be useful. You need to identify: Data that you need immediately if your PC were to crash Data that you […]

Encrypt information on your PC

After setting up a good password and installing an anti-virus product, encrypting your information adds an additional layer of security. While encrypting data provides additional security, it takes up more space and comes at a cost for Windows Home users. Hence it is important to assess the need for such a high level of security. […]

Antivirus for Windows

Difficulty level: Moderate, Time taken to complete: 20-30 mins. Approx., involves installing software Objective: Identify your security requirements Select an Anti-virus product that meets your requirements The word “Malware” refers to different kinds of malicious software such as Viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware. These malware programs, once admitted to the system, can damage, alter and […]

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