Step 1: Mobile security awareness video Step 2: Take the mobile security quiz Our Mobile Security Quiz will help you in identifying your security requirements TRY OUR MOBILE SECURITY QUIZ Step 3: Download the Mobile Security Android App The Msecyour Android mobile app is designed to assist you in securing your mobile phone. It also […]

Windows Privacy Settings

Managing privacy settings is one of the first things you need to do after you buy your new Windows PC. Windows uses your personal information to improve its services. As owner of your personal information you need to know the information you are sharing with Microsoft. It is important to note that configuring your privacy […]

Secure Your Wi-fi router

A poorly configured WiFi router can pose a risk to your data or still worse implicate you in cyber crime as anyone with access to your WiFi network can potentially commit cyber crime from your network to implicate you in the crime. To secure your WiFi router it is extremely important to change your default […]

Secure your Mobile with Screen Lock!

Screen lock is the first step in securing your information stored on the phone and can go a long way in safeguarding your information in case you lost your phone or save you from embarrassment if it were to fall in wrong hands While there are multiple options for a screen lock (See additional guidance […]

Keep your Android Phone updated

Operating systems such as Android, Windows often release updates to their software to address bugs or security loopholes in their software. Not updating your operating system makes it vulnerable to apps or hackers that try to steal your information. Hence it is extremely important for you to keep your phone updated. If you are visiting […]

Use VPN to secure your data!

Are you a business traveler who needs to stay connected on the go so you connect to public WiFi networks at airports, coffee shops etc. ? Are you concerned about your online privacy? Then you need VPN to secure your information. Why should you use VPN? When you access information over the internet it passes […]

Pin screen feature in Android

Pin Screen feature on Android allows you to display only one app and restrict access to the rest of the phone. This feature is often used in Mobile Showrooms to display the phones. This feature can be very useful for parents who give their children a mobile phone. For example, you can pin YouTube, meaning […]

Secure your passwords

One of the key aspects of securing your information is securing your password and it also happens to be the most challenging one. Passwords are critical to secure your internet banking accounts or the social networking accounts. Password management consists of two important aspects – Creating a strong password and following good password practices Creating […]

Secure your PC with Windows updates

Windows releases updates to its operating system and security updates to introduce new features, fix bugs or address security loopholes. It is very important to install security updates as soon as they are released as they are important to keep your PC and your information safe. With Windows 10, the operating frequently checks for updates […]

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