Backup your personal information

Personal data such as photos, family videos, documents such as ones related to education, career, investments etc. need to be backed up and kept ready in case you need them.

You collect a lot of data over a period of time, most of it may not be useful. You need to identify:


The most economical way to backup your information is to copy it to an external hard drive or a DVD. This process is manual and is prone to missed schedules which in turn leads to loss of information in case your PC were to crash.

There are several backup software available in the market.


Considering most of the individual users own either an android phone or an apple product, it is recommended to use either Google backup & Sync or iCloud for windows to backup data on your PC so that all your data is organized in one place.



Backup your photos

You may backup photos to Google photos, iCloud photos or to Amazon prime. Amazon prime is offering an unlimited storage for photos.


Backup your personal videos

While Google, Apple and Amazon provide easy options to store your photos, you need to store your videos on Google drive or iCloud as you would store any other files


Backup your personal files

Depending on the backup option you choose you may classify your personal data for easy access into the following categories:

  • Educational
  • Career related
  • Tax filings
  • Investments
  • Health
  • Identification

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