• To identify data that you want to backup
  • Select a tool that meets your requirement
Your backup requirements:

We collect a lot of data over a period of time, most of it may not be useful. You need to identify:

  • Data that you need immediately if your PC were to crash
  • Data that you wouldn’t need immediately after a PC crash but its loss would cause financial or emotional loss for you
  • Is this data generated frequently?

The most economical way to backup your information is to copy it to an external hard drive or a DVD. This process is manual and is prone to missed schedules which in turn leads to loss of information in case your PC were to crash.

There are several backup software available in the market. Here are listed few of the best among them, the chief point being that all are free of cost.

Paragon Backup and RecoveryMakes full backup copies of your
PC to your local drive or external
hard drive
Click here
Google Backup and Sync Efficient for folder level backups,
Synchronization across devices
Click here
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Several backup options
Smooth scheduling
Automated back ups
Option of Cloud available
Click here
FBackup Useful guidance available
Automated Scheduling
Choice of advanced modules
Click here

Our recommendation is to use the Windows “Create system image” feature for full backups and use google backup and sync solution for specific files that you want to backup on the go!

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