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Two factor authentication or 2FA is the process of adding an extra layer of identity validation. If two factor authentication is enabled, a person has to provide not only the correct log in password, but also a code which can only be accessed on another authorized device.  

In order to maximize a secure net-banking experience, it is suggested that two factor authentication is enabled for all your vital accounts. Here are listed few Indian banks along with their two factor authentication procedures:

State Bank of India (SBI)

  • Enable “High Security Settings”: For OTP through SMS
  • Opt for Secure State Bank Software token: For inbuilt OTP generation on phone through application
  • Freedom Application: One time OTP for Immediate Payment Service transactions up to 50000 INR

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  • Automatically sends OTP as SMS on sensing unusual banking behavior
  • Code generation can also happen through application and if set up, OTP is no longer received as SMS but generated in the app itself through ICICI’s i-safe facility
  • Asks for random characters printed on back of debit card during transactions


  • Enable “Secure Access” Option on your internet banking account
  • A combination of image and personal message is used as 2FA

Allahabad Bank

Provides simple two factor authentications using

  • SMS through phones
  • Email IDs

Axis Bank

  • Get Code through SMS
  • Register frequently used device for Webpin (possible through net-banking)
  • Use hardware token provided by bank to generate code

Have a safe banking experience!

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