Understanding InfoSecyour offline Password Manager

Password feature on your MSecyour Mobile App

If you think remembering multiple passwords is a nuisance, we heard you.

While technology is progressing towards a password less security system, there is still some way to before we do away with passwords completely. Until then you may have to deal with remembering passwords in your day to day life.

Did you know this about our Password Vault feature?

The password vault feature on your MSecyour android app is built using robust security features. Every password you enter is encrypted using an industry standard such as AES 256-bit algorithm and not just that, we store the encryption keys using android’s KeyStore mechanism.

What more?

Passwords you enter reside only on your mobile phone, they are not copied or backed up to any central server, hence your passwords are always literally at your fingertips

Get started today and enjoy the thrill of entering the right password every time!